Unrequested Blessings: Defining Faith and the Goodness of God

When You’re Hurting You Need Hope, You want Answers

This is a book that does more than tell a story –

About This Book

We were expecting our fourth child with great anticipation. Yet Molly came into this world with multiple and severe disabilities. No one can truly prepare you for that.

Yet despite the challenges and hardships Molly brought our family incredible joy and insight. We constantly were defining and redefining words like “Faith”, “Goodness”, “Joy”, “Normal”, “Possibility” and “Expectation.”

I wrote this book, not just to share our story, but to provide you with a way forward a path towards promise and wholeness. A path that is possible!

I’m sure there are moments where you doubt that is possible. But trust me, what you are facing can work for your good if you allow it.

Maybe your difficulty, your heartache, your story is not the same as ours. I’m sure it’s not. But I believe there will be truths and “ah-ha” moments you receive through reading this book that will help you get through it and begin to discover for yourself that while unrequested, what you are facing can indeed be a blessing.

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Unrequested Blessing by Don Hess book cover
Don & Molly - 1998

About the author

Don Hess enjoys writing, travel, and carries a heart for nations.He has developed and owned multiple businesses including commercial real estate and agricultural ventures. Don has been involved in various forms of Christian ministry including pastoral ministry and short-term mission teams, and he serves on multiple non-profit ministry boards. Don is married to Kathy and together they have raised five children; Joseph, Kalah, Emily, Molly, and Matthew.

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Are you ready to pull back the curtain and see what your new life can become?

Are you ready to redefine your life in ways that may be different from what you anticipated?

Start by ordering a copy of Unrequested Blessings – Defining faith and the goodness of God. The Molly Hess Story.

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